Birth Trauma Resolution Louise January 2, 2024

Gentle, Empowering Therapeutic Support for Birth- and Postnatal-Related Trauma

Birth Trauma Healing

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All pregnancy, birth and postnatal experiences are unique and how each person feels about that experience is individual. Even an experience that appears ideal or normal to others on the outside can be traumatic for the person at the centre of the experience, and vice versa.

Birth trauma is far too common, with close to 20% of women experiencing trauma during birth, according to research carried out at a Dublin maternity hospital.* While 80% of those who have experienced a trauma will be able to process the event on their own with the benefit of time, others will need specialised support to release intense memories and feelings that can be overwhelming. There are highly effective therapeutic tools that can help, including Birth Trauma Resolution.

Birth Trauma Ireland’s website has more information on what it is and how BTR supports recovery.

* Nagle, U et al. Midwifery 2022 Oct:113:103419.

What Do the Numbers Say?

The Facts


of women experience trauma during childbirth


of people will process the trauma on their own with time


of women are diagnosed with birth-related PTSD while another 20-25% live with symptoms

The therapy

BTR Therapy

  • Birth Trauma Resolution (BTR) is a safe, quick, solution-focused approach to helping individuals deal with upsetting memories and reduce debilitating symptoms related to pregnancy, birth, infant feeding or other postnatal trauma.
  • Most people find resolution in 2-3 sessions. Others may benefit from referral to trusted therapists for further support around specific needs.
  • BTR therapy was founded and developed by psychotherapist and birth trauma specialist Jenny Mullan, with whom I successfully completed my training in 2022 and undergo regular supervision.
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Not Sure if BTR Therapy Is for You?

Consider scheduling a free Zoom call with me to talk briefly about your experience (if you wish) in an open, nonjudgmental space, and you can find out if BTR therapy can help you. 

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BTR Therapy

BTR Therapy sessions take place on Saturdays in Galway City (Granary Hall).

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